Gays and Daehaminguk Shaniya

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I don’t understand what happened to him, but I miss Amos Yee on You Tube. These stupid conservatives always give him a hard time, but I love him always. He is my best friend and I will always support him. But still, the issue continues where these conservatives are causing trouble and keeping society from living their lives in peace.

Pedosexuality and Reality

The Ahn Shinae Show Blog: Pedosexuality and the conservative lie

Updated on December 31, 2019
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I have been studying the existence of humanity for over ten years with an open and unbiased mindset.

Conservatives have lied to us about Pedosexuality for years. The victim count is too high, this ends now

In all truth, Pedosexuals are not a threat. How could they be. Most of us never even met a Pedosexual before, let alone a member of the LGBTP+ community. Donald Trump is more of a threat on humanity then Pedosexuals are. The conservative government meddlesome ways invades the privacy of the people, global warming is destroying our planet, people are victims to slavery, war, hunger and oppression, yet somehow a person’s sexuality is the problem. I mean nobody in Nagasaki and Hiroshima died from another person’s sexuality. They died because Americans dropped a bomb aka baby boy on them.

Nobody in Vietnam died for being Pedosexual. They died because America dumped agent orange on them and picked them off one by one. Nobody in Iraq has suffered from Pedosexuality. However they have suffered from America invading them for having weapons of mass destruction that was never there and an agenda that never existed.

In fact, it would be better to be a Pedosexual then it would be to bomb Syria or enslave black people. So the only problem on earth regarding Pedosexuality are the very conservatives who have created the slander and lies against them.

Therefore it is the conservatives not Pedosexuals who are disgusting and vile. Not because of their existence, but because of their actions and character against the very people who they claim to protect. Based on this fact, Pedosexuals do not need a “cure” or to “get help”. They need to stand up and fight for their right to live life in peace. Just as gay people did at Stonewall, the blacks did with the civil rights movement, and like women have been doing at the woman marches.

My professional advice is that we need to stop finding new people to victimize, and to find a new and better understanding of what it means to be human. Pedosexuality just like being transgender or gay, is a blessing to this planet. We should not hide who we are or be forced in the closet like gay people have been a victim to for a very long time. Which the conservatives have forced us into. We deserve to be free. Without discriminatory nonsense from the conservative groups that suppress us.

The LGBTP+ community is alive and well. We exclude no one, hate no one, and love and accept everyone. The fact that these conservatives say otherwise, is just their attempt to turn us against each other so as to achieve their agenda, which is to create a heterosexual state. Pedosexuals just like everyone else who is not straight (which includes drag queens who are straight and gay for pay porn stars),will be victimized by conservatives and the right until we the people stand up and fight back.

Amos Yee continues to be harrassed.

It does not make any sense how Amos always become victim to conservatives. They continue to stalk him on YouTube and elsewhere. According to sources, conservative Steve Trowbridge and others have a hit list on every conservative that they dealt with that stands up against them. Even though 99 percent of those people, they don’t even know personally.

DNS is investigating this issue. But I wish Amos Yee the best of luck in bringing justice back to the people.